Our Mission

Redemption Church at New Hope exists to Exalt Christ, Edify the saints, and Evangelize the world for the glory of God. 

Life Together in Christ

Community is the context of discipleship. The Christian life is not intended to be lived in isolation, but through meaningful relationships that help each other grow in Christ. At Redemption Church, we are a diverse group of people made up of different generations, ethnicities, and backgrounds who have all had our lives changed by Jesus Christ.



The aim of the universe is the glory of God. In worship, we seek to exalt Christ, the Redeemer, and Savior of our souls. At Redemption Church we worship through preaching, singing, reading, and prayer, with the ultimate aim of magnifying Christ.

Community on


The gospel mobilizes us towards mission. The good news of salvation in Christ needs to be shared with the world. Through the context of Christian community, we go and proclaim the hope of Christ.

location & Time

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Sunday Morning Schedule:

9:15am | Core Seminars for Adults and Children

10:00am | Fellowship

10:30am | Worship Service