what to expect?

Each community group is held throughout the week at a home of someone in the local Wilson area. Enjoy spending time with fellow believers over food and fellowship and worship. Each group is designed to vary in age range from young teens to older saints in the church. This is purposefully designed to help older believers share their wisdom of the faith with the younger believers in a sort of Paul-Timothy relationship. Each group will set a time that works best for the group as well as to provide childcare if necessary. Most groups start out with food and fellowship, followed by the group going over the sermon that was preached the previous Sunday. This is a time where the leader of the group will go over questions about the sermon and end with a word of prayer.

come join us

Come taste the sweetness of Christian love and fellowship! Our community groups are held at homes throughout the Wilson area, and meet throughout the week at different times. To learn more about our community groups or how to join them, email Pastor Josue or click the link below.