The Centrality of Christ

At Redemption Church at New Hope, we want to make Christ explicit and center all we do around our Lord. We never want to assume the gospel nor minimize the gospel. Rather, we want to center our covenant community around Jesus.

Expositional Preaching

Because the Bible is the word of God and the authoritative word of Christ, we will faithfully proclaim the infallible and inerrant word of God. Therefore our preaching and teaching will center around the exposition of the biblical text, primarily by teaching through books of the Bible. We believe expositional preaching best builds up the body of Christ to maturity and proclaims the gospel to the lost. 

Covenant Membership

Church membership is covenantal, meaning that we bind ourselves to one another in a local church before God as believers in Jesus Christ. This means that we take membership very seriously, seeking to preserve the Baptist distinctive of regenerate church membership, providing discipleship and care to covenant members, and when necessary, providing loving confronting of sin in restorative church discipline. 


As a baptist church, we are strongly committed to congregationalism. However, we believe the biblical pattern is that local churches should be led by a plurality of elders who are called, gifted, and Christ-like men selected by the congregation. The congregation will have a disposition of trust towards the elders, eagerly and joyfully submitting to their leadership. At the same time, the congregation will provide accountability to the elders to be sure they shepherd in accordance to the word of God. 

Unity in Diversity

Our desire is for Redemption Church at New Hope to reflect the ethnic and social diversity of our own community as the Lord brings together people from every sort of background. Despite our diversity, we are united by our common salvation and fellowship we share in Jesus Christ. As we are united to Christ by faith and bound in covenant to one another, we celebrate our diversity and find our unity in Christ alone. 

Intentional Worship

In our worship, we are are convinced of the regulative principle that the Scriptures determine our worship practices. Therefore, we want to be intentional in our worship services, which will include the reading of Scripture, prayer, congregational singing, the preaching of the Scriptures, the ordinances, baptism, and the Lord’s supper. In our worship order, we aim to be intentional in rooting our worship in the historic pattern of Christian worship while expressing our worship in a way that’s culturally engaging with our context.

Community Serving

Redemption Church at New Hope is focused on loving and serving the community of Wilson and the surrounding areas. We engage in mercy ministries and are active in the city of Wilson, seeking to do good as we herald the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Simplicity and Focus

Redemption Church at New Hope will be simple in our ministry methodology and focused on our mission. We do not aim to provide a litany of programs and activities for consumers, but rather we seek to cultivate a culture for evangelism and disciple-making that allows ministry to organically happen with minimalistic programming. 

Family Discipleship  

We believe that parents should be the primary evangelists and disciple makers in the lives of their children. Our children’s ministries will not seek to compete with this God-given parental task, but rather come along side parents to equip and encourage them in their ministry to their children. Our ministries will serve as a complement to the work of family discipleship taking place in the home.

Hospitable Evangelism

We want every member to be hospitable to those outside of the faith, building friendships with those who don’t know Christ and inviting them into their homes in order to live out and share the gospel. This great commission work should be evident in every member’s life.

Church Planting

In order to advance the gospel, we want to raise up and train future leaders in order to send them out to plant new churches. We want to prioritize the training of future pastors and ministry leaders by providing them with the resources and skills to start new churches in North Carolina and beyond.