Doctrine of Scripture

The Doctrine of Scripture is foundational to the Christian faith, and it goes deeper than just believing “the Bible says it, I believe the Bible, so that settles that.” This core seminar will dig into what we as Christians believe about the Bible and help us better understand God’s Word.

This seminar will be taught by Charles Gooch and will take place from March 17 - May 19 on Sunday mornings from 9 AM - 10 AM at Community Christian School. 


Have you ever felt the work of evangelism to be daunting? Maybe intimidating and scary? Or does it come as a second nature to you? Regardless of your experience, this core seminar will help us understand the importance and need to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ.

This seminar will be taught by Patrick VanHook and will go from March 17 through May 19, from 9 AM - 10 AM on Sunday mornings at Community Christian School.